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Game management

Nature | Habitat management

Picture of a wild boar in the mist
Picture of a wild boar in the mist
Picture of a wild boar in the mist
Game regulation in the National Park is carried out through regulation methods adapted to the area by persons licensed to hunt and follows the requirements of the National Park's development objectives and of the provisions of Lower Austria's hunting law.

Unless otherwise indicated, all regulations apply both to the nature zone (§ 5 NÖ NPG) and the nature zone with management (§6 NÖ NPG).

The respective annual plans determine which species are subject to game regulation.
Huntable game (Excerpt from the valid annual plan.)

Wild Boar
Wild boars can be hunted all year long within the specifications and in consideration of the time restrictions. The general conditions of the hunting laws of Lower Austria and of the management plan apply.

Huntable non-indigenous species
Species that negatively impact the ecosystem must be altogether reduced. The provisions of the hunting law of Lower Austria apply. Method, type and extent of the reduction must be determined jointly by the administration of the National Park and the hunting board of experts. Currently, this only concerns mouflons.

Should damages occur during the hunting year, the National Park Thayatal GmbH may, in agreement with the hunting boardof experts, opt for an alternative regulation.
Game regulation

Game regulation must be restricted to a period in the year as short as possible. A game regulation of at the most five days a year is acceptable to ensure the establishment of vegetation compatible with hoofed game.

The only species exempt of this time restriction are the mouflon - as a huntable non-indigenous species - which may only be hunted after prior consultation with the administration of the National Park, and the wild boar in focal regulation areas (see below).

In the implementation of game regulation, drive hunting will generally be given priority. Hide hunting is also acceptable in focal regulation areas.

The aim of game regulation is to preserve a population of hoofed game compatible with the habitat; the economic aspects of hunting are not relevant. Trophies and antlers of all game shot in the National Park in the context of game regulation or of game found dead must be submitted to the National Park Thayatal GmbH. On request, individual trophies may be conceded for educational or research purposes by the administration of the National Park. This does not affect the conditions of the hunting laws.

Map of game management in the National Park Thayatal
Map of game management in the National Park Thayatal
Map of game management in the National Park Thayatal
Further measures
  • Game feeding - there is no feeding in the National Park Thayatal
  • Starting 2013, seeking to avoid usage of leaded ammunition
  • On-going monitoring of the influence of hoofed animals and if necessary adaptation of the regulations
  • Use of vehicles only in exceptional cases
  • Track mapping under appropriate snow conditions provides information about the current stock of game
  • Project partner "Registration of population densities of raccoons and raccoon dogs" (in German)

Concept for the management of hoofed game in Austria's National Parks - German version only [PDF]