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National Park Thayatal
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The National Park | Organization

The National Park Advisory Board

The Province of Lower Austria set up a national park advisory board in order to protect regional interests. The advisory board is an important link between the national park administration and the population. It is responsible for formulating recommendations to the national park administration and for approving the annual plan.

Committees of the National Park Advisory Board

To advise on specific issues, the advisory board may establish committees in which external specialists can be nominated to participate beside the members of the board. There are currently two committees on hunting (Chairman: Mr. Albin Haidl) and on fishery (Chairman: Mr. Günther Gratzl).

The Bilateral Thayatal Commission

When the agreement was signed establishing the transborder cooperation between the two national parks, a commission was also established, which discusses bilateral issues at least once a year. It is composed of one representative of the relevant Czech and Austrian ministries, one representative of the Province of Lower Austria and the district of Znojmo respectively, the chairmen of the two national park advisory boards and the directors of both parks.

National Park Forum

Every year, the national park administration organizes a national park forum in which everyone can participate aimed at informing the local and keeping their interests in line with those of the national park.