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National Park Thayatal
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Nature Adventure World

National Park Centre

Children of all age groups will enjoy the big new adventure playground at the National Park Centre.

It is divided into four areas: directly in front of the building, there is the wave garden, in line with the wave logo. This play area has some rather steep slopes and various trunk bridges, swings and climbing walls. Two large sand pits can be flooded with the aid of a special water pillar: through a swing system the water stream can be directed into the one or the other waterways.

Underneath the terrace, from which parents can watch their children play while enjoying a cup of coffee, there is a fox-hole, another highlight of the play ground. In a tunnel system, foxes big and small can hide and scare each other.

The rear part of the nature play ground is located at the edge of the forest. Here the black stork acted as model, this rare forest dweller, which found a perfect habitat in the National Park Thayatal and can still be observed regularly. From the tree house disguised as a stork's nest through a two-storey tree house and a hanging net tunnel, you can get to a swinging tree house right in the middle of the forest, next to various rope bridges and hanging passageways. You can climb into a spider's web or tread on tree trunks like a stork and hide inside a bush maze.
Next to the car park, you will find a shady resting area with attractive seating and resting opportunities: tables, benches, trunk seats and hammocks, where you can have a picnic, with another sand pit nearby for the little ones to play.

Besides the obvious play and fun aspect of this nature play ground, the concept has one particular purpose: taking into account children's natural need for movement, play acting and retreat. The whole site offers challenging activities in which children may test their own limits.

Tree house with climbing garden
Tree house with climbing garden
Tree house with climbing garden
Moreover, and just as important, there are a variety of retreats and hiding places. Apart from the tree houses, these will also be provided by the approx. 400 trees that have been planted all around the site and which will soon form a thick natural cover offering protection from the sun.

Implementation: Freispiel - DHW Vertriebs-GmbH
Planning: DER ANDERE GARTEN, Ms. Konstanze Schäfer
Overview: Area plan [JPG]
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