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National Park Thayatal
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Kids and teens


Nature - Pure excitement!

Playing, having fun, running around, wandering about or simply relaxing: here at the National Park Thayatal, many adventures await the young and the not so young!

Our choice of activities will not allow for boredom and time will just fly!

In the National Park House

Nature workshop

On weekends and during holidays, exciting experiments are conducted at the nature workshop. How does a cucumber-battery work? What do you need to build a rocket out of matches? Or how do you make an egg swim?

Here, kids can be active: questions that vary according to the season, countless pieces of equipment such as petri dishes, test tubes, pipettes and tweezers as well as many natural materials, preparations and models; all this is an invitation to research. The mural "The life under our feet" by artist Katharina Puschnig awakens curiosity about the microcosm hidden in the ground. With the help of magnifying glasses and microscopes, children will be able to take a look at the smallest inhabitants of the National Park! Access to the Nature Workshop is free.

Around the National Park House

Adventure playground

This is the place where little ones can really run around: spider's net, fox's den, climbing walls and a "floating tree house" with a 15 meters long rope tunnel will challenge their dexterity and are great fun. When the weather is nice, children can play in two sand pits that can be filled with water through a swinging water pipe. Access to the nature adventure world is free.

Wildcat enclosure and adventure path

Starting at the National Park House, the "wildcat trail" will bring visitors to secret paths along the Thaya river. All along the trail, eleven wildcats (or their silhouettes!) are hidden in the thick bushes and trees. You will need an investigator's flair to find them! Small signs make the search easier and offer interesting information about the lifestyle of these shy animals.
The highlights are the 2 "real" wildcats in the outdoor enclosure. There, visitors will be able to observe these almost extinct animals as they climb, laze about and eat.

Guided tours for children

On some weekends, the National Park organizes hikes and guided tours specially conceived for children. Those are marked in the visitor's programme.