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Places of interest

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Mother-of-pearl buttons and shells

Mother-of-pearl turnery Mattejka

In Austria's single mother-of-pearl turnery, in Felling, you can discover how buttons and jewelry can be made out of shells.

Western view of the Kaja ruin

Kaja Ruin

East of Merkersdorf lies the 800 years old Kaja ruin. From the keep one enjoys a wonderful view over the National Park forest in the Kaja river valley. The dungeon and the well, more than 50 meters deep, are also impressive features.

Water colour from the Kultur.Punkt gallery in Hardegg

KULTUR.PUNKT Hardegg (Culture point Hardegg)

The smallest gallery in the smallest town in Austria was set up by local artists as a cultural workshop in 2006, in the former town hall of Hardegg.

Hardegg Castle

Hardegg Castle

Hardegg castle rises proudly from the center of a narrow basin.

Front view of the baroque castle of Riegersburg

Baroque Castle of Riegersburg

The baroque castle of Riegersburg dates back to a water castle of 1580. In the 18th century it was converted into a magnificent baroque building according to plans of F. A. Pilgram. In the castle garden, there is the oldest dog cemetery in Austria.